Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Posted by Hippo Bean at 3:34 AM
Cant seem to stop! This is so much fun the Hippo is staying up all night, skiping potty breaks, food (oh no!), sleep, feeding the stuffies ... I've already decided to take the Flash class in the coming quarter. My Flash assignment is finally done after hours working on it, and thanks for the help of the Flash instructor, I finally managed to halt that 12fps for any pause I want. Thanks Greg! So what's next? Sound is next and then finally, the much anticipated iMovie! She just cant wait!!!!

On the internship front, a very fun promising project is coming up. More PHP and perhaps Postgres or should the Hips stick to MYSQL?

And what else? A new Mac box!!!!

How much more fun can this year bring? Oh, there's more fun of course! Il Gatopardo's homeland! Sicilia in Sept!!!!

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