Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Catholic center of the Universe

Posted by Hippo Bean at 12:44 PM
Leaving a most comfortable and beautifully serene place was always most difficult. After 3 nights at La Tonnarella, one got used to its comfort, good service, free internet access, breathtaking views and wonderful rooms. No matter how well one planned, the end was almost always caos. The cell phone was recovered and Tomo had to mail it to Trieste and email to let them know the phone was found and on its way. Thus the rest of the group went ahead to the Circumvesuviana station and we 3 missed the bus and ended up taking a taxi. In a rush, we went in to the train and missed our farewells. I had wanted to hug each and everyone for the awesome company and the most heart felt pleasure of meeting them but we missed each other completely. Shame! In Garibaldi Napoli Centralle we EuroStar'd to Rome. The ride was pleasant as the train wasnt full. Rome welcomed us with rain. Rome was not one of my favorite cities. But 7 years was a long time and I've forgotten what it was like. We took bus 40 to our hotel by the Vatican. The bus was packed but I was able to take in the sites along the streets the bus travelled. I remembered them, crowded, dirty, noisy but with lots of ancient monuments here and there and most of all cobblestoned. The hotel Adriatic, 2 stars, is a typical European hotel. The rooms are big and clean and mine had a small balcony that overlooked a side street. Most typical European and I felt right at home. Another nostalgia! I just loved it! We went to the Catholic center of the Universe. I've forgotten how grand St Peter was. The circular square with its statues, the magnificent portal and giant columns, the over decorated ceiling of the antichamber, and oh, the cathedral itself. We admired the Pieta among visitors. The horribly out of place Bernini's canopy and the altar with missing Jesus. Everything here honored Peter but there was no Christ. Tomorrow is our much anticipated Scavi tour. I just cant wait. After all that's the only reason why we're doing Rome again. All 3 of us had been here before and this is my 4th time in the Roman capital. I've seen much in Rome before but finally I did get a bit excited and I'm glad I'm once again in the capital of the western civilization.

Back at the hotel, Terrence called to let us know the group was back at the New Europe hotel instead of the Paradizo. He said the Paradizo hotel is on the 4th floor of a shabby alley and there they ran into a young girl who told them the hotel wasnt safe. This got us scared and we too cancelled and booked at the New Europe. I had wanted to stay at the Paradizo because it's on Purgatorio street and the website says their bathrooms are deprived of all comforts! Well we never did find out how the hotel really was afterall. It would had been funny to stay at a hotel called Paradise on a street called Purgatory with bathrooms without any comforts!



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