Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Family Reunion

Posted by Hippo Bean at 12:39 AM
Last evening was wonderful! The Family sat around tile covered patio tables with candle light, serenaded by Italian music off the iPod speakers, 3 bottles of wine (I like the Lacrima di Christi Rosso) and socialized. Our last night together. Lots of laughter. Tomo's wacky crazy funny family! All day shopping, lost and recovered cell phone, sickness, good and bad food, Ercolano and dirty circumvesuviana train, missed Vesuvio bus (no hike to the crater), lousy Italian sandwich ... quite a family reunion.

family reunion

Today EuroStar to Rome to visit the scavi under the Vatican.

PS - Walking through Ercolano (Herculanium) yesterday was like walking into an ancient city. Everything seemed to be like they were just left there and its inhabitants off to vacation or something. It's eery but the frescos are well preserved, the color, especially the light blue, brilliant. Not the scale of Pompeii, but nevertheless just as impressive and beautiful. I finally did the 2 towns so devastated by Vesuvius. Now I can allow Sorrento in peace.



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