Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005

Last day in Rome and in Europe for 2005

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Trying to cramp more into our trip, we waited half hour for the Vatican museum and the Sistine chapel.

Beloved Goddess Pallas Athena
Hall of Statues - Vatican Museum

Third time through this but this time we lingered in the maps room where we saw ancient Sicily, found ancient Neopoli and Sorrento and even Basilicata, the region where Tomo's mom's family was from.

map of old Sicilia

We made sure we didnt miss the Rafael room:

Sulking Michelangelo in Raphael's School of Athens
Stanze di Rafaelo

Raphael's self portrait in the School of Athens
Stanze di Rafaelo

Dante in Raphael's La Disputa
Stanze di Rafaelo

and then finally Capella Sistina.

It was Friday and EuroStar trains to Napoli were fully booked, and so we had to wait for the 7:45 train. With heavy heart, I stayed in the Termini. The train was packed and I kept thinking of our wonderful trip, of Sicilia, my beloved Sicilia, the welcome view of Pelegrino, the night view of Vesuvio on the ferry, the never ending lunches, the glorious view of Etna, Taormina filling the side of the hill, Sicilian refreshing rain, awesome and funny company of team mendola, of the family reunion in Sorrento, the glorious Tonnarella hotel, magnificent close views of Vesuvio, and Roma, ah, high above the Vatican and deep below its crypt, of Peter's bones and always, always and constantly of him!

It was after 10PM that we made it back to the Garibaldi Napoli Centrale. We knew it was only about 50 meters to the hotel but the city was unsafe especially at night and we had all our luggage and so we opted to a taxi. The driver wanted 15 euros and we wanted the meter. He seemed to be angry because of this and took us for a ride. He drove fast and furious and went all the way round the city. It was 12 euros when we finally reached the hotel. We got a big triple room with a wonderful bathroom. In the morning we got a wonderful american breakfast and I was comfortable although I kept thinking what the Paradizo hotel was like!

Last trip of the year and what a trip it was! The sites we've seen were all awesome beyond words can describe but the company was what made it most memorable. And what a year it was! 2005 should go down on Hippo's book as one of the best! 3 more months and it would be over but the memories will remain forever!



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