Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

the color of the chairs

Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:04 PM
"What color did you pick for your chair, Hip?" Oops, I forgot the color. Our boss told us to look through the Ikea catalog and pick a desk and a chair. All three of us picked the same chair but J decided on a green one and M chose the beige. "I'm sending him an email. Would you like me to tell him what color you want?" asked M. Green is my favorite color so I said I'd go with green. "So, you're gonna side with J!" M said. "And would you feel hurt if I go with green?" I asked. "Well" said M, "I'd be angry but not outwardly, I'd just keep my anger to myself" joked M. So I felt bad. I didnt want M to be angry with me, showing it or not. "Pick whatever color you want Hip" said J. "But I dont want to upset M" I said. "It depends if you care about us or not, if you think we're a friend or what." J said. And I do. I like them both. I've only known them for a week (and J for only 3 days since he only works part-time) but they're both nice guys, easy to get along, funny and helpful and I already like them. So I said "I do care about you. I like you both! and I dont want you guys to think I like one more than the other!" So I've decided to go neutral.

Strange how this turned out to be. I was missing the NAS bunch and felt kinda lonely having only M to content with, even though he really is a very nice guy. But on Wed morning, suddenly J appeared and took my breath away. He's gorgeous! They took me to a nice eatery on campus and I've discovered they went to the same school in Chicago and J got M to come out here to work. They're both very polite young men, nice gentlemen (they open doors for me!), engaging conversationalists and very helpful at work (Java dudes!). We had nice discussions and laughs. J possesses these burning blue eyes that sometimes rest on you in a special way. M is very personable without being annoying, tall, skinny and good looking. I really enjoy sharing the room with them and I feel very comfortable with them. They're both easy going and didnt mind a lot of things. We dont like flourescent lights and so we work in the dark after 5PM (we use halogen lamps instead). But the room has lots of windows and today we hovered by the windows to see the hail pouring down in the faint light. It was quite romantic actually! And today with the chair color episode, I've discovered they could be playful too.

Btw, I decided to go with burgundy!



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