Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cantor Arts Center

Posted by Hippo Bean at 10:14 PM
Today I wandered through the Stanford Cantor Arts Center Museum and was awestuck! I never knew there was a museum on campus. Both A and R had told me about it and had been there, and yesterday I had a very expensive soup+salad ($12!!!!) at the Cool cafe just outside the building with M. We browsed the souvenier shop and then just paid the museum a brief visit. I saw the Roman and Egyptian galleries and wanted to go back to explore them more leisurerly. So today I went back by myself.

The building is fantastically beautiful with murals all around depicting different eras and the galleries inside were cool and the displays expertly positioned. I went through every room but lingered longer in the sections closer to my heart.

The Ancient Mediterranean collection contained Egyptian artworks dating from the Pre-Dynastic period to the New Kingdom and even a mummy. Then there were the Mycenaean, Corinthian, seals, cuneiform, and figurative tablets from Mesopotamia and Roman sculptures. My heart leaped with delight.

Then I came upon the gallery of paintings. Among which, the Cathedral of st xxxx caught my eye. Haunting place. And many others that unfortunately I didnt bring pen and paper to write down the names of the artists. I regretted that and I need to go back for another round.

Then accidently I came out by the back door and had to walk around the front to get myself oriented and thus I discovered the Rodin garden. So that was where L was talking about. I dont much care for modern sculptures and dont really like Rodin but today I finally saw where the outdoor museum was.

Wow, it had been a great feast to my eyes. Gotta go back!

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