Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TechOps' offsite

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:34 PM
at Dave&Buster's in Milpitas. Among other things, I've suggested doing orienteering as it's fun and great for team building. Or virtual (or real) bowling, or kareoke, or ice skating, or wall climbing, but all was squashed. Somone mentioned D&B and suddenly everyone agreed. I wasnt totally keen on the idea of spending an afternoon inside an arcade and drinking beer (not my idea of team building!) but once I was there (and with a bit of alchool in my system - cocobanana colada!) I actually had fun - especially when someone else was paying for the booz, food and games! It brought out the kid in me again (what, the Hippo needs no external stimuli to bring out the kid in her!!!) and reminded me how much I enjoyed playing games! There was my favorite game where I won all my stuffies (horse racing, you roll a ball, it falls into a pocket and your horsie or camel moves), skeeball, video bowling, and we won some tickets, not enough to get anything significant, so we blew all our free cards on the wheel of fortune, which we found gave the most tickets, and ended up with enough tickets to get us a stuffy mascot, 2 footballs and 2 stuffies for Sarah's upcoming twins. Thus ended our offsite, lots of $$$ blown, nothing in respect to team building, but we dont need it. As a team, I think TechOps is doing real well!

And now the pics.



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