Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bachelor's party and Stuffy bet

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Although my heart belongs to another island, the black volcanic rocks of the Big Island always gave me a sense of awe. There's something about driving up and down Hi 19 on the Kona side. The views of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, spreading out enormously, the clear Pacific and the black pu'us! Oh! I parked the rental in front of Bvlgary and Maria was surprised I made it there so quick (hey, it's the Hippo!). We had lunch at the Hilton by the pool with the waterfalls and drove down to check out my otherwise hotel, the Sheraton in Keahou. On our way back to Waikoloa, we stopped at the farmer's market in Kona and picked up some tropical fruit for the party tonight. Papaya, star fruit, guava and a big whole pineapple. I wore the orange and brown dress that Maria got me from Singapore to Tom's "Bachelor's party". When Doug opened the door for us, the site was a total delight. Janet leaped out to hug me. We havent seen each other for 7 years! Then Laura appeared and Ben followed with a gentle bear hug. Everyone was there and eager to hear my adventure trying to leave SFO. The food was from Costco and all good. We had tri-tip, salmon, macaroni salad, which Laura showed me how to eat the Maui way, mixing it with sticky rice, sushi and lots of fruit and of course wine. With my favorite Blackstone Merlot in a crystal glass in hand, I wandered from buddy to buddy to catch up with all. Of course I brought my stuffy. It was small Leo's turn but in haste I left him back at the house, so I brought small Snowie instead, who happened to be staying with grandma. Tom's bet was the snow leopard (which by the way, I didnt have) and upon laying eyes on Snowie, thought he won. So I had to explain that Snowie is a white tiger instead, so he really didnt win. And Karen just laughed! After the meal and visiting, most of the guests departed and the remaining intimate group stayed around the coffee table and chatted. The iPod was playing the wedding playlist and Doug dimmed the lights. Except for a fire burning in the background, the ambience was perfect. With the Merlot now in my head, I felt relaxed and happy amidst good company in paradise.

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