Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

mission possible

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:07 PM
The cool breeze turned out to be from an open window by my bed. None of us remembered opening any windows. The poor navigator had opened it for us the day before when he visited our suite. While we complained it was a bit cold, I remembered he turned the heater on and the whole room smelled like burning charcoal. Then he noticed the floor beneath the air conditioning unit was wet because the water from the unit spilled inside the room instead of outside. He called the hotel to let them know. Now, just a minute, whose room was it? Last time I've heard, this room was still ours! We had continental breakfast at the club house while, once again, T and A went out for protein. This time we didnt get lost finding the San Fernando Rey mission, but as usual, T and A beat us there. This mission had the best museum. The convento had every room decorated and the Hippo imagined it being her house and completely re-decorated the entire building, including moving some doors. On a wall in the grand room hung a painting of Jesus on the cross, wearing a white skirt, with what looked like balls and skulls on his feet. It was a most disturbing, out of place, strange and very distasteful painting I've ever seen. I almost felt insulted. Not so much for the Jesus, but the painting as a whole. Behind the church lies Bob Hope's grave in a very serene garden. Didnt know he was buried there. J read the pamphet and it said when his wife asked him where he wanted to be buried, he said 'surprise me'. I didnt know he was Catholic. It was a beautifully kept mission, and a grand finali for the trip. We zoomed back north hoping to stop at the military camp near the tiny community of Jolon to visit the San Antonio de Padua mission on our way back home. But someone wanted to stop at a winery and so we killed another 45 minutes. I felt asleep. When I woke up, we went past Jolon without stopping. Someone definitely jeopardized our desire to see this mission on this trip. Next time it wont be any poor navigator. I'm just about mission out. We still has 6 more to visit to complete all 21. It was a mission 'possible'.

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Tom on 6/23/2007 9:35 AM said...

"Balls and skulls"? Those were ovaries! What's so offensive about Jesus having ovaries?


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