Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

More paradise in the garden island

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:59 PM
First it was M calling and then the lawn blower woke me up again. I've tried to ignore it because I stayed up most of the night listening to Harry Potter and I wanted to sleep more. Then the blower got closer and closer and I realized the noise came from the open window right behind my bed (this place is entirely open, but isnt all places in Hawaii?). Then L came to wake me up. The cleaners are here and we must leave the house for a couple of hours. We had a hasty breakfast and went down to the rocky Poipu beach. I didnt get to swim because it was too rocky and I couldnt negociate the slippery bottom. I simply dont understand what this beach is so famous. I hated it! But it's a good place to snorkel because there were tons of tiny fish and crab.

In the afternoon, we drove to Waimea to check out L and B's house and I liked it. Very tiny but the crown molding and hardwood floors were very elegant and the place was very cute. In my mind, I completely re-decorated the place. There in Waimea, I had very first shaved ice. Mm, yum yum good!

Wanting more beach, we went for a quick dip in the Salt Pond and I loved that beach. Very sandy with a rocky area with huge splashes. In the evening the Kiahuna shopping mall has free hula dance show. Coming back was pitch dark and we almost couldnt find the PT Cruiser. More Harry Potter at night before sleep.

Yesterday was the north shore. We stopped by the lighthouse in Kilauea on the way, and stopped at the Princeville resort with the gorgeous lobby and view of the pali coast. Next we checked out Hanalei resort. Then we drove till the end of the road and hiked up the Kalalau trail for about a mile. It was getting late so we returned. I had wanted to do the entire trail so I get to see the palis up close. But we didnt have enough time nor the equipment for the whole 11 miles. Ah well, I must leave something to do the next time I come here. Right?

Playing phone tags with Steve all day. They had arrived and we arranged to meet tomorrow in Waimea. It would be nice to finally meet him and his wife f2f after talking with him for almost a year. He'll be the first online classmate that I'd meet. It will be fun. I just hope I behave!

Napali coast from Princeville
 View of Napali coast
 from the Princeville Resort



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