Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cold cloudy Boston

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Boston was freezing with cloudy skies. All of us had been here before but M insisted we do the Commons so we walked in the wind and cold, traversing downtown. Crossing the public gardens, we reached the trendy Newberry st and I got a little excited at the sights of the shops. We found a Thai place for lunch. M and A had wanted to eat the Thai place at Harvard that they enjoyed so much the previous time they were here, but since we've all been here before, we didnt bother crossing the river. From all places, we bought lots of stuff at HM because there's no sales tax. We spent the rest of the time at Quincy Market. Both M and A really like Boston but I've never developed a special love for the city. In 2000 I was in Lebanon, NH, sent by Vicinity to train new developers. The closest airport was Logan and so I spent a day here. Did all the touristy stuff including walking the Freedom Trail. Dunno. Just never quite fell in love with the city.

While the ship pulled away from the Boston harbor, the sun set vividly behind downtown and we were on deck admiring the glorious view. In the evening we stayed in our lovely suite and watched Syriana. It was rather confusing at first but at the end I finally understood the movie and liked it.

boston gardens
 Butterflies in the Boston Gardens

sunset over boston
 Sunset over downtown Boston



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