Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Red Eye

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Usually the 4.5 hrs flight to JFK was a breeze but this time the RedEye flight left me tired the entire day as I couldnt sleep nor be comfortable on the plane (hate American airlines, domestic, no food!). After a bit of confusion, we finally learned to take the airtrain to terminal 4 where we could sit down at the food court for McDonald's hot cakes and sausages. Taxi'in from JFK to the Brooklyn P took about 45 minutes. The old neighborhoods with brick block buildings of Brooklyn reminisce the gang movies on TV. This was the ride I most enjoyed, every time flying in to JFK. When the Manhattan skyscrapers started displaying themselves in the clear day, once again I couldnt help but to compare the affluent, cultured and upscale living of NYC to the poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn. They seem to be a world apart. The taxi made a turn to the left and I missed Flushing Meadows where only 2 weeks ago Justine was once again crowned champion.

Getting on board a cruise ship nowadays mean walking through metal detectors and standing in endless lines. The port was a zoo! Massive confusion as everyone crowded in front of the never arriving elevators, trying to get to their staterooms (which once upon a time, used to be called cabins). But we got upgraded to a suite and what more, we're at the very aft of the ship with a double balcony with endless views, an enormous marble bathroom and great complimentary amenities which included free internet, DVD's and priority everything... well just about. The complimentary champagne only made my headache worst, so it was early bed for me. Cant wait to explore the ship which is enormous and looks interesting enough. Tomorrow Hippo's initiation to Rhode Island. The suite is fantastic! The bed very comfy with a light warm down duvet. No neighbors and I love the views from the end of the ship. Quiet! I am ready for New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces!

Crown Princess
 Our ship the Crown Princess


WesternFlyer said...

What, no diesel fumes??? Wow, what does sound like a fantastic stateroom ya got there!


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