Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009

they must have done something right

Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:45 PM
The Hippo felt really bad for Safina. I understand her frustration at herself because I'm like her. I put up too many barriers for myself and the more I want something, the more I cant get it. She really deserves the French Open title, but like me, she still has a long hard up road to go. First she needs to believe in herself.

The Hippo was in tears when Roger won. I dont know if I was happier to see him win or to see Solderling lose. You know, Roger is really the best tennis player. Not only is he a fantastic player with super physical skills and strong mental toughness, he is the most modest athlete I know. So many others, though good players, are so darn arrogant like Hingis, the William sisters, Lendal, etc, they just dont deserve to be good. But Roger is not only graceful in court, but totally and throughly a good person. During an interview with John McEnroe, he said "no, I dont wish for anyone to lose, because I think it's mean.", "you know, no one wins all 4 majors". Well, he, among the very few, did. Although he's not my favorite, he's a very nice person. Someone so skillful but modest, his parents must have done a good job raising him. And the commentators said his family was very graceful and respectful to Nadal's family when Nadal won Wimbledon last year. Now that's something. It's almost as good as when Nadal, after receiving Wimbledon's trophy, allowed Roger to speak first. This is what every athlete should be. Not like that Serina, who every time she lost, said "she didnt beat me, I beat myself" or "do you want to go to the semis coz I dont". Why cant you just admit you got beaten fair and square? What do you got to hide? Poor athlete.

Thinking about how Roger's family can produce such a son, I look at other parents and my own, and I wonder how some parents can bring forth a human being without teaching them how a human being should be. Is it genes or simply education?




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