Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

55°4.2'S    63°54.4' W

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:49 PM
The wind picked up to 60 knots and the ship slowed to 14. All open decks and pools were closed. We're now at 55° 4.2' S and 63° 54.4' W with southerly Beaufort Force 10 wind and a temperature of 5.5°C. The southernmost I've ever been. On top of my enormous Antarctic cold, runny nose and cough, I felt seasick. All night and morning the ship pitched and rolled, all closet hangers rattled and hit each other while the ship rocked. Most annoying. Finally the wind died down somewhat to a 45 knots and the ship was able to pick up speed. Cruising at 18 knots we reached CapeHorn, the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego, the end of the American continent where the Atlantic met the Pacific, at 19:00. With barely enough sunlight left we cruised the scenic rock which belonged to Chile. The vessel sailed slowly past the Cape then did a 180 so both sides could admire the rock. Could not spot the Chilean flag, nor the chapel, not the albatross sculpture on the island. Not very impressive. Disapponted. At least all was calm while we're here. Drake got blown off course many times before rounding the cape. But Schouten must have been impressed.

Cape Horn

Video of Cape Horn [2.3M]



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