Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a love died - Rio

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:49 PM
'Brasil', that's what I chose every time we played a game where we had to pick a country to represent ourselves when we were kids. All other kids would pick USA. But I've always preferred Brazil. That's how special Brazil was to me. It represented the 'big' modern colonial. Everything there signified what home was, only bigger, more sophisticated and advanced. But finally being here in Rio, my love for Brazil vanished. I did not like Rio. Copacabana didnt impressed me. The water was brown and murky. No beachfront shops like in Waikiki. Ipanema's water was bluer but the beach so very crowded. Our beachfront Orla Copacabana hotel, located at the end of Copacabana and across from the Forte, with a fantastic view of the entire Copacabana and good reception service, was shabby, old, not very clean, tiny and the oceanfront rooms lacked balconies. The swimming pool on the top floor had a striking view of the entire beach but the pool was miniscule, like an oversize bathtub. The hotel didnt have free internet nor CNN. I was left without news or any happenings in the Olympics. Our familiar food like caldo verde, bolinhas the bacalhau, feijoada and bacalhau asado were expensive and not very tasty. The famous beaches werent all that great. Only the evening strolls on the beach promenade were soothing and refreshing. In Santa Teresa I had wanted to photograph the Bondinho but after waiting for a while, no train came. On the way up to Corcovado, we passed by the favela Moro Dois Prazeres, and I thought of Edward Norton being chased through the narrow streets in the shanty town in the Hulk. The crowd in Corcovado was madening but the view spectacular. At the Macaranã I took a picture of Reinaldo's footprints. We had lunch at the Lapa district and I've noticed Brazilians like sushi! The Sambodromo was decorated with Carnaval colors and paintings. People were busy getting ready for the Sunday parade. The view of Rio and adjacent Niteroi was pretty spectacular up in the Pão de Açucar, and I've wanted so much to go there, but was voted down. The Carnaval started and people filled the streets drinking and making noise. The human and car traffic were horrendous. Nonetheless, it left me with a nostalgic feeling. The narrow streets and old colonial houses and the familiar language reminded me so much of home. It's Portuguese everywhere and so very colonial. Oh the good old days at home! But I was looking forward to Iguazu!


Video from Corcovado [5.6M]



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