Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

sun again - Puerto Montt

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:49 PM
After so many days at sea and the cold and the rain and the wind, we finally made it to Puerto Montt in a beautiful sunny warm day. Our first after leaving Montevideo. The earthquake of the century happened while we're at sea and we even missed the tsunami. But Santiago airport was closed so we didnt know if we could catch our flight home or not. For a while we slowly sailed at 10 knots unsure if we should continue our course or turn back south. Finally the captain announced that we would continue as scheduled. Last night we had the Captain's Circle Cocktail party and we were all dressed up, and I took the chance to get a photo with the young, handsome and out-spoken Brit. Nice dude! We had a nice lobster and prawns dinner followed by a chocolate pudding. Yum yum! This morning M went to see Puerto Varas, volcán Orsono, lago Llanquihue and the saltos at Petrohue, while M&P went to see the German town at Frutillar. Meanwhile the Hippo painted town since I've already been to all those places. I remember the lapis in Puerto Varas, the breathtaking Orsono with the lenticular cloud forever covering its top, the immense and serene Llanquihue and the pretty falls at Petrohue, where I've spent 2 days being eaten by hungry mosquitoes. I've enjoyed my Sunday morning walk in Puerto Montt, not many people out and all stores closed, and I made it as far as the main square with the pretty church. At the other end of the pier, past the craft market filled with alpaca goods, there's the Angelmo Seafood market with loads of gigantic fish and cheese. The fishermen were pulling in their colorful skiffs and they reminded me of the Portuguese fishermen. The day was sunny and warm. So nice! Puerto Montt, pretty town with volcán Calbucco in the background. I had wanted to spend the day in the Chiloe Island, so nearby, but all the tours were cancelled. Goose and Tomaso back home expressed concern about the tsunami and the Star Princess. Goose pointed out the Star Princess sailed out of BsAs to the Falklands without proper authorization and warned to stay away from where the Hippo was heading next "until
things settle down, just so as not to get caught up in any insurrection,
meteorite strike, funnel cloud activity or plague of locusts that may
happen to spring up spontaneously wherever she's headed next.. " Nice friends!!!

Puerto Montt

Fishing boats at the Angelmo



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