Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Top of the Garganta - Cataratas del Iguazu

Posted by Hippobean at 11:49 PM
The food at the Sheraton by the executive chef was bad. My seafood risoto the night before wasnt cooked properly. We had to send it back to have it redone. The steaks and primeribs in the buffet were harder than beef jerky. The steak knife wont even touch it. We needed a chainsaw! Yesterday's border crossing was really smooth. Totally relaxed and we didnt even had to pay the $131 to get into Argentina. The "no man's land" bridge that separated Brazil from Argentina, had Brazilian yellow and green on the Brazilian side and the Argentina's white and blue on the Argentina's side. This morning we walked the Circuito Superior in torrential rain. The tropical rain that I love. I was wet all over and loved every minute of it. The Circuito Superior offered views from the top of the falls and it was a fairly short walk. After that we took the 10 minutes narrow gauge train and walked about another 15 minutes to top of the Garganta del Diablo. By this I mean we're _literally_ on the top of the biggest fall in Iguazu! It spewed so much spray up the air that from the plane I thought it was a pure white column of cloud. Neither photography nor words could describe the gushing of this thing, it's like the water was competing with itself to see who gets down the fall first. No one, no one who had witnessed this thing and not be overwhelmed! It was still raining so hard and we got so wet that we didnt know if it's from the rain or the fall. Somehow I thought we were lucky that it was a rainy day. It felt so much in harmony with the falls. If it were a sunny day I thought I wouldnt have like it so much. I never wanted to leave this place. It's the most awesome sight I've ever seen. It beats the Trummelbach in Lauterbrunnen. Without being on top of the Garganta, you havent experienced the real Iguazu. I love waterfalls and have seen many, and this one is the Queen of it all. No wonder Eleanor Roosevelt said 'Poor Niagara'! From now on, every waterfall pales in comparison. In the afternoon, we completed the visit by walking the Circuito Inferior. The Argentinian side was truly better than the Brazilian's because you can really get intimate with the falls like being literally on top of the Garganta, and right below the Bossetti, although the Brazil side offers more panaramic views. But if you're going to be here, you have to do both sides to appreciate the size of this entire area. The remaining of the day we stayed in the hotel to enjoy the resort. M went to the gym and heated indoor pool while I mostly just sat in the garden area overlooking the Garganta, where I daydream while it continued to rain on and off. The jungle humidity and temperature were high and I loved every minute of it. There's no other place I've enjoyed better and I dont mind at all to come back again. I've never expected Iguazu to be such a heart stealing experience. This sentiment will stay with me always.

Top of Garganta del Diablo

Video of top of the Garganta [3.7M]

Video of Salto Bossetti [3.5M]



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