Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stuck in Santiago

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:49 PM
The LanChile flight we were put on didnt exist. We spent an entire morning talking to American Airlines and finally got rescheduled for the 9th. With that much time in Santiago we decided to move to a local hotel, the Españoles, just a few blocks from the Sheraton. The area was nice and close to everything, so the 3 star locally owned hotel was ideal. The rooms were good size and clean and the staff friendly, with free local calls and internet. I spotted some available seats on a flight for the 7th, so we went to the AA office to change our flight. The AA office was actually close to Plaza de Armas, on a pedestrian only street. We took the metro back and it was easy, fast and fun. The Hippo always liked metros. So we're stuck in Santiago, a city I did not like much. No character. No major attractions. It's hot and smoggy. But the food is actually quite cheap and the people very polite and willing to help. We metro'd to the handicraft center at Domenico and bought some more lapis. We went to the park with the statue of Virgin Mary on top and took the funicular down. Then we spent the afternoon at the biggest mall in South America, the Parque Arauco. This place was so enormous it's mind boggling. Taxi is cheap here. Across from the hotel, there's a park along the Mapocho river, with exercise machines. The caminador eliptico, aparato para elongacion de cintura and aparato para desarrollo muscular de hombros y brazos, were all there to use for free. Nice place. I wanted to spend a day trek at the base of Aconcagua but again got voted down. 12 years ago I was here and met with S and spent a day doing absolutely nothing. This time around I was still bored. Santiago just didnt do anything for me. I would have been happier if stuck someplace else like BsAs. Somehow Chile means bad news for the Hippo. The first time I was in Chile, I was stuck in Paine. I wont be back to this city except in transit. But I still like to explore Atacama and the Lake district some time.

Reflections of the Catedral at Plaza de Armas




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