Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thursday, June 07, 2012

the caucasus started for us

Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:51 PM
So finally the last leg of the Silk Road! The georgian flight to Tbilisi was not comfortable. The plane was tiny and the 3.5 hrs felt trapped in a suffocating cave. But we were recompensed by the best hotel of the entire trip, the modern Holiday Inn. We were put on the 7th floor, in a room facing the hill, with a floor to ceiling window. One wall was covered with a wall paper illustrating books and at night, the books came alive! Oh, the bathroom with the rain shower and wooden floor which acted as the drain! The hand held shower was a cylinder! Even the public restrooms in the hotel lobby were modernly designed. The doors of the stalls were 10 feet tall and heavy! We loved our room and the enormous window that offered the fantastic view. It rained in the early evening and the mist made the view very romantic and mysterious. And the smell of summer rain! At night the TV tower antenna and Ferris Wheel were illuminated and the buildings near the hotel offered glimpses of the local living. A McDonald in Georgian alphabets was right across the never ending traffic filled street, where we could get truly cold sodas and american style coffees. Crossing that street took enormous courage! But the prospect of a cold drink was worth the risk, since Tbilisi was hot as an oven compared to the cool of Vienna.

The first impression of the city was a disappointing one. It looked dirty and backwards. And the city, being the biggest in the country, was small.

We met up with the rest of the group later at dinner. ;A nice welcome from Jonathan and a bear hug from Greg. Almost immediately they've told us about what we missed in the youknowwhatcountry and asked how we didnt managed to get the visa. But we got Vienna to show off.



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