Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

my first butter tea

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:00 PM

I burned my toast this morning. Should have known not to tamper with the strange toaster. I'm tired of toast and plain omelette for breakfast every morning. The lunches and dinners were so good, whatever happened to breakfast?

Before the terrible long drive back to Thimphu, we visited a farm house today and I had my first butter tea. It was salty and buttery but I actually quite liked it. Like coca tea, the first few sips didnt quite agree with me, but after a few more sips, you'd begin to get addicted to it. The farm house of course was all for tourists. I didnt much care for it.

The drive to thimphu was long and tiring. We pretty much went back the same way we came. There was only 1 highway. The one lane highway. Lunch was at the Wangdue Phodrang village with the burned down monastery. Lunch was good and we discovered they had peach flavored lipton iced tea. I was so tired of sprite and coke and welcomed the iced tea wholeheartedly. The hotel Wangchuk in Thimphu was the worse hotel we had so far. My room had dirty smelly bathroom with dead flies. It was a top corner room with windows on 2 sides. However, the curtains had holes and they didnt sufficiently cover the window, so I felt like being in a fishbowl when the lights were on. But the room was pretty good size and it did have a view of the mountain. The ever incessant noise continued. There's an electric heater but it couldnt provide enough warmth. Had to pull extra duvets to keep warm. Dinner was poor at this hotel. There's a pork dish with more fat than meat. No tea was offered after the meal. The reception was always empty. The girls spent their time chatting at the bar and not attending the reception. There was free computer with internet but the connection was unreliable.

Before dinner we went out to walk the town. The main road was just behind the hotel. shops lined both side of the street. Lots of souvenir shops and a mall. E mentioned the Taj hotel, the biggest and grandest of the town. We went in to check the lobby. It was finely decorated but not big. The hotel had the shape of a dzong. Very pleasing to the eye. It was nice to finally be able to go for a walk and had something to do after dinner. Most of the shops were still open. I planned on doing all my souvenir shopping here.



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