Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:00 PM

While in Thimphu, Sandy wreck havoc on the east coast. I saw it on CNN and BBC and Al Jazeera. Thinking of the Goose and tried to email him but the internet was not cooperating. Went down for breakfast around 7 but the girl at the restaurant said breakfast was at 7:30. Only gave me coffee. Really had to wait till past 7:30 for my toast and plain omelette. Times like these I really hoped for a McDonalds. But they only had KFC. No Starbucks or any other chains here. Yes, pristine and untainted, but sometimes a McDonalds could save the day.

Thimphu was big and sprawling as compared to the towns we've been. There's a big golden Buddha up on the hill that offered a nice view of the capital city, and the area was still under construction. The seat of the government was an enormous Dzong beautifully decorated. The young king lived in a modest house next to it. A 9 par golf course was right beside the Dzong. We visited a traditional handicraft shop with apprentices working their crafts. I bought a lot of stuff there. We went to the zoo to see the Takin, the Bhutanese national animal, body of a cow and head of a goat. Very ugly if you ask me. For dinner we went to the Bhutan Kitchen, a local restaurant, great truly Bhutanese food, which included crispy seaweed. Yummy. And accompanied by the melody of a Bhutanese harp. Best dinner we had yet. But didnt like Thimphu that much. Then again, I've never enjoyed capital cities.



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