Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thursday, November 01, 2012

back to the dump KTM

Posted by Hippobean at 11:30 PM

Hard to say goodbye to such a clean, welcoming and harmonious country. And the beautiful airport at Paro. Really wish we could have stayed a few more days, especially in Paro, which I really liked a lot. The Druk Air flight took off and as soon as it climbed a bit, the plane took the necessary left turn to get away from the hills. Another hair raising moment and soon we were back to the Himalyas again.

Back at Kathmandu, the dust, the noise, the traffic, the people, the cows and pigeons and the Shanker hotel. I made sure they gave me a different room this time. Up on the 7th floor, the windows were small but at least it was brighter and with a better view of trees and some buildings and the Radisson hotel. The bathroom though was small and dark. We had a site seeing tour with a local guide. Nepal was not on my list. Had to come here in order to fly to Bhutan. The Hippo was not for Hindu architecture. I found
their deities scary. The first place the local guide took us to was a temple with monkeys and an Elderly's home. Very depressing. Then to the sacred river Bagmati with dirty polluted water, a cremation site, the Temple of Pashupatinath. Not a very welcoming site to tourists. The dead body was a young man. I should have brought a face mask. Later we went to the Stupa of Bodnath, surrounded by souvenir shops. The place was a mad house of people, monks and tourists. It turned cold by the late afternoon and we were tired. We dined at the hotel. I've ordered a sizzling steak platter that turned out to be a hamburger patty. Should have known better. Was dying for some beef after a week of chicken. It tasted OK but it wasnt a steak.



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