Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

anti Atlas and fossil paradise

Posted by Hippobean at 11:50 PM
we caught the sunrise up on a low dune. I prefer sunsets. Wanting to feel the Sahara sand, I've decided to walk back to the hotel instead of riding the camel again. The Sahara sand was finer than the Omani, almost powder like, and that's why it blowed in the wind like dust. It didnt feel as sensual as in the Oman desert. Didnt like it. I was trying to take pictures of the dunes and also to keep up with the camel caravan but kept falling behind. The caravan was going at a faster pace. T kept telling me to keep up. Finally our camel driver stopped the caravan and lowered the camel for me. Reluctantly I climbed on it and rode it the rest of the way. Didnt like the Sahara. Showered in the beautiful hotel room bathroom and we bid farewell to the desert and headed back to the Atlas. We stopped at a fossil factory that produced table tops with fossils. They were amazing and super good looking. Didnt know Morocco was fossil paradise. I bought some fossils for the rocket scientits. We saw some underground aqueducts on the way and went inside one. They cut a hole every few meters, the next one a little lower than the previous one, thus making the underground water flow down stream. Ingenious way so the water doesnt evaporate in the ferocious scourging desert heat.

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