Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

todra gorge

Posted by Hippobean at 11:59 PM
the wind channeled through the towering ochre cliffs in the early morning was cold. Along the todra river we walked the gorge valley sandwiched between vertical cliffs and climbed towards Abdelali to get panoramic views of the jebel sahro and the dades valley below. the hike although steep at certain points, was not strenuous and the views from the viewpoint not particularly impressive. We crossed paths with berber women driving mules down the hill to get water and provisions. we were told they did this journey every day. Descending by a different path, the cliffs were more dramatic and majestic. we even caught a glimpse of an abandoned kasbah. surrounded by orange and red hills on our way down, T and I talked about industrial programming. We lunched at a restaurant in the gorge valley and I had kefta (kabab) with very greasy fries and they were oh so sinfully delicious. While the Brits all went to sunbathe by the pool, the Hip spent the afternoon in the hotel room reading Angelfall which was nearing the end and getting very juicy good (and she's totally fallen for Raffe). The evening meal was partook at a local crazy Berber family home. We sat on turkish long sofas among enormous cushions and were first served a chicken kefta (2 sticks each) and ratatouille Maroc style. Then came the couscous followed by melons and mint tea. The never absent plates of olives were of course on the table. The crazy family started drumming like there's no tomorrow. the little 5 yr old grandson was the best drummer. even out drummed Aziz. Father, son, cousins, even the women were drumming and singing. The matriarch came to gather the women and clothed them in the traditional berber women attire. I know I've must have offended the hostess by refusing to comply but hey one thing the Hip doesnt do is to dress up and parade in front of people. Aziz and even Abdoul joined in the dance. It was an evening like no other, fun to watch and to laugh but it's just not my thing.

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