Saturday, July 05, 2014

Saturday, July 05, 2014

ballpark opera (again)

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:59 PM
We knew that 280 was closed but somehow we made a wrong turn and ended up on 280 south. No matter, we still made it to the city on time. The food at the Brickhouse wasnt bad. The burgers werent fantastic. The music a bit loud but selection to my taste. Nice bar decor and not too busy. We've really enjoyed our pre-opera meal. A mere 3 blocks to the park and this time we didnt have to wait in line for long and there was no search. We made it straight up to the Virgin America club level and found a good spot a little to the left of the home plate. The Hippo waited in a very long line to get drinks (why not, there's nothing to do until the opera commenced), only to find out there was no hot tea of any kind. The hot chocolate was thick and much too sweet. It made me even thirstier. The winner of the opera sing-along was dressed in a scarlet gown with flaming red afro hair. But his voice was deep and powerful. His national anthem was superb. Big applause, well deserved. La Traviata started with the signature song and half an hour later, it was already the first intermission. Not too cold yet for SF weather until the second act which dragged on a bit. When the sun almost disappeared, the wind picked up and it got really cold. Time for the woolies, blankets and snuggling up with your beloved. When the second act ended, we thought it was over but only a few of the audience left, and we were wondering how come Violetta didnt die. S and A went missing but returned with caramel popcorn. The Hippo was dying for garlic fries and since there was no line at the food stand, she grouchingly shelled out 8 bucks for the long awaited grease. It was delicious! After enduring Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny Barber of Seville again, A noticed the intermission count down clock. Ah, one more act at 10:30. It was short and bitter sweet as we all knew Violetta (Ailyn Perez) had to die. Her soprano was marvelous, long lasting and towering, and Alfredo's (Stephen Costello) was a deep and strong tenor (he opened his mouth so big and long that reminded me of the Mummy), and Quinn Kelsey (last ballpark opera Rigoleto) played Alfredo's father. He had the best voice. When the wind died down during act III, it wasnt cold, but simply a brilliant calm night. Just a few planes flew overhead and birds soared above us. When the opera ended, again, just like last time, they all came out wearing giants memorabilia and were greeted with thunderous applause, of course. It was a well performed opera, with fantastic costumes, heavenly orchestral music, and stage props. It was another enjoyable night out in the city. We went home smelling of garlic fries!

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