Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

short stint

Posted by Hippo Bean at 5:00 PM
On clear bright dawns, the sun rays penetrate through the east facing windows, illuminating the front entrance and the kitchen, making the abode brilliant and crisp, a refreshing sober welcome in the morning. At dusk, the west facing sky window is reflected on the towering wall behind the couch, a pure image of the soaring abode. I sit in my dinning room, surrounded by the image of Micheangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, carnarfon and comley castles of the northern wales, the California Missions and a panoramic of Cefalu. My most precious travel souvenirs, the crystals, ceramic cups and saucers, shot glasses from all over the world, were all nearby. The mint walls are soothing and cool. My favorite room in the abode. In the evenings, I relax, cuddling my stuffies and snuggling with BigDog on my plush sofa recliner, and contemplate the marble fireplace below Micheangelo's Creation of Man. The mantel filled with my other travel souvenirs, remind me of my adventures in Greece, Wales, Buenos Aires, Chicago, the Camino Mission Bell, Vienna. The photo albums and books the Hippo cant live without filled my green environmentally correct bookcase. I sit on the black stool at the granite breakfast bar doing quick readings with an orange mug of Milo. I will never again find an open kitchen so spacious and bright, with so vast countertops and so numerous cupboards. The mud room closet is perfectly situated next to the front door. When you walk in through the front door, room enough to discard your heavy gear and dump your shoes. Many a times I soaked in the deep tub in the bathroom and never once felt claustrophobic even without a window, because the bathroom is huge, huger than any I've been to. The accentuated white plantation shutters in the light pink bedroom made the room look clean and bright and the Hippo cant say enough what a fantastic idea it was to discard the ugly blinds and horric looking drapes, and put up shutters instead. Yup, best decision ever. The Hippo even got used to sleeping with the sound of traffic and occasional aircraft.

443, the Hippo will have heart piercing memories of you. Together through thick and thin, you've provided me with comfort, relaxation, privacy, freedom to hide, security and pride, and the Hippo shall never forget your beauty and charm. The Hippo is already missing you dearly.



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