Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SpecialToe's luck

Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:00 PM
SpecialToe's only been on 1 trip, to the Big Island 14 years ago. He's a smart and well behaved Stuffy, so I thought of bringing him along to Vegas. The hotel room on our last stay at Paris Las Vegas, was on a low floor and it had no view. This time we lucked out by been placed on the 7th floor overlooking the pool, the Eiffel Tour and Bellagio. So SpecialToe sat in front of the floor to ceiling window day and night to observe the vacationers bathing in the pool, and sunset behind the lighted tower. At night, the lighted tower was a spectacular view. On impulse, we've made a reservation at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and were told it was formal. But as it turned out, some people went simply casual. We had wanted a table by the window but there werent any (or the hostess didnt want to put us at one), but our luck continued as our 4 people booth was at a slightly higher level and thus we could see the lights from the strip. Not as spectacular perhaps as by the window, but good enough. We were satisfied. The expensive food was good and sufficient without overwhelming. My house sparkling was cold and sweet and our lobster and crap appetizers were eye pleasingly presented and delicious. Our entrees were expertly prepared and tasted good. The corn and mushroom soup though was a little too thick and creamy for my taste. Their famous souffle (we had raspberry and grand marnier) was indeed perfect. I'm not much of an egg white concoction, but the souffle was very good. Our waiter was very cute and served us attentively and very professionally. However, he failed to bring me my coffee. While dinning and admiring the evening lights on the strip, I've thought of how many times I've been to Vegas. Vegas certainly was one place I've visited the most. Each time with slightly different excitement, with slightly different companions, in different hotels*, and proud memories of the winnings. Purchases this time included a pair of black leather shoes with a row of fake diamonds in front and on the side, and fastened at the ankles with velcro, Zara olive legging pants and a sweater from H&M. Found a fantastic beer glass for Saffy. At Caesars, we wanted to book for Elton John but learned, to our disappointment, that we've just missed it and the tour was over for this year. But he's returning next summer. So we've already made plans to come back next year. I had to try my hands at video roulette, and on the last day, we played it at Aria. Just a few winners here and there during the first few rounds until I've placed a chip on 19 and chips all around it, and on the 2nd spin, 19 came. Then I've moved the chips to 25 and again on the 2nd spin, the number came. Altogether I won $80. Cashed out and happy camper. It seemed SpecialToe had brought us luck. First the hotel room with spectacular views, then a table at the tower restaurant with a view, then 2 numbers came at the roulette table. As a reward, flying back home SpecialToe got his own seat on the plane, and I've fastened his seat belt tight to make sure he wouldnt fly around during turbulence. He sat on his own seat, ecstatic, with seatbelt on, and filled with self importance, drinking his oj with ice, and munching on Southwest complimentary peanuts and mini pretzels. Hm, since we're going back next year for Elton, perhaps I should bring SpecialToe again, for another round of luck. Oh, and there's a huge hippo at the Wynn's soap store.

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*Mirage, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace, Harrah's, Flamingo, Venetian, Bellagio, Paris, Trump, Hilton Grand Vacations, Vdara, which hotel next?



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