Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

a night in Paris

Posted by Hippo Bean at 7:00 PM

I had quite a few of things to check off in this trip. The usual luggage that might or might not make it, the airport pickup, the desert castle tour, the flight to Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem tour. All turned out fine.

I pulled over the window covering and saw bikers in red and blue along the hayarkon street. Today is the bike race in Tel Aviv. entire families were out on bikes. I so envied them. Over the sea, dark clouds overhead with thunder and lightning, and it was pouring. When the clouds parted and the rain stopped, I took a short stroll along the promenade again. Very sad and reluctant to depart from this place. I so loved it here. Didnt want to leave the nice hotel, the view of the tel aviv promenade and the mediterranean. If israel was any closer, I'd have come back on weekends! I so love israel.

Surprising that the security at Ben Gurion wasnt tight. I was asked a few questions and got a yellow ticket with security code 4 for my luggage and 3 for my passport. Guess the Hippo wasnt much of a security risk.

The flight to paris was again on an almost empty plane. It landed on time and passport control didnt take time at all. The guy simply stamped my US passport without much of a glance or any questions. Took the CDGVAL to terminal 3 and followed the tripAdvisor's reviews to follow the blue line all the way to the Ibis hotel. Ibis was another good choice. The cheapest airport hotel in Charles de Gaulle, no frills, just a comfy bed, good size flat screen TV, a table and chair, place to put my luggage and a small closet behind the TV to hang things. The bathroom was small but adequate. And everything inside the room worked. I love hotel rooms like this. I opened the window and it was raining a little and the outside air was humid. Inside the room, I didnt hear any jet noise. I had a good night sleep and woke up early to make my journey back to terminal 2 to catch my double-decker Air France Airbus home.

A Nostalgic trip! So sentimental ...



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