Sunday, April 05, 2015

Sunday, April 05, 2015

3 tornadoes and the Fagotch

Posted by Hippo Bean at 9:25 PM
"It's too much filling" Tomaso kept on ladling the onions and black cherries onto the dough that T rolled into an oval.
"now fold it into a crescent". the Fagotch was huge with the filling spilling over. 5 minutes in the oven and the bread rose to a gihugic height, almost touching the top of the oven.

you can hear the 'tornadoes' arriving with their screams. T's eyes went big in alarm. Aziza, (which in African means 'Precious') zoomed into the room doing acrobatics. Helena followed with giant smiles. They saw their godfather and each pulled him in a different direction. One foot on crotch and Aziza flipped over. She's cut to be a gymnast. Emerson followed suit. One foot on the crotch and flipped over too. ouch! poor crotch!

The beach house was full of 'tornadoes' happy kiddy noise. the Fagotch was hihugic and yum tasty. Happy Easter!

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