Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Posted by Hippo Bean at 5:51 PM
And perhaps the best character of all is Diogenes Dagrepont Bernoulli. He's smarter than Aloysius in so many cunning ways. Time and time again Diogenes was able to save Aloysius, even when Aloysius was bested by the demon ghost or bricked in to die a slow dark lonely death. And he never failed to come to his brother's mind every time he was summoned at will. Evil yes, but an intentionally or unintentionally victim and by-product of his elder sibling's cold and cruel arrogance. I dont blame him for turning out to be who he was and engineering the 'terrible crime'. Especially when in his earlier days, he looked up to his older brother. And he was the one who got to Pendergast's ward's loins first when the man himself didnt even have the courage to reveal his feelings for her.

Or perhaps the smartest of all is Pendergast's ward. She was able to sample one brother and then captivated the other.

The Hippo cant help liking Diogenes better than the rest. Especially when he was better at Latin than Aloysius (she's a big sucker for latin). Pity the authors had this fascinating super intelligent character fall into a volcano. But is he dead? Perhaps not.

"one eye hazel, one milky blue...'

vale frater



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