Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

playing lara croft

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3 more temples today: the hindu temple of Pre Rup, the Pink temple Banteay Srei and finally playing Lara Croft at Ta Prohm. Pre Rup I really liked. An imposing staircase, lion temple guards and the view of the jungle from the top of the temple was magnificent. Today I remember to bring Small Tigger who's been furiously angry at me for forgetting him at angkor wat. Although I did bring him to the Banyon and took many photos of him with the giant faces, he would always nag me about missing his picture at angkor wat. sigh. didnt care much for the pink temple which was small and with too many monkey statues. Ta Prohm was interesting. Giant tree roots everywhere and it's the least restored with many broken stones everywhere and much reclaimed by the jungle. people lined up to take photos at the temple doors where tombraider was filmed. i wonder if people would come see it if it hasnt been for tombraider. Lindsey said it was her fav temple. for me I'm not sure. it sure had an authentic and intimate feel to it, but its fame was probably mainly due to the film, not to the temple's actual charm.

Dinner was at the Corner restaurant with Kareoke. Borey sang 'hello' and a cambodian song for us. Clara did Mama Mia. and we all sang like silly little girls. It was very fun! havent had this crazy silly girl fun in a longgggg time. Not a bad way to end the trip.

The next day, woke up late, had a leisure and slow breakfast, and after much internal debating, ventured out to shop one last time. There were many many shops in the Pub Street. They just went on and on, all shops selling more or less identical goods. Finally got the table cloth and another tshirt with a giant face for Saffy. Loaded with purchases, the luggage was bursting.

Silk Air flight to Da Nang wasnt too full. the 40 mins stop didnt require going through security again. Flight to changi was packed. Spent time at changi and bought an aniseed medium longchamp which turned out to be yellow instead of lime green. sigh. checked in late to the transit hotel and was given the last room without a window. room was noisy and kettle didnt work. wasted 1 hr to get it mended, then a shower (forgot my shampoo) and finally closed my eyes to sleep at 1AM. Not a very pleasant stay this time. The next morning, a long flight to Seoul, packed. then to SFO the middle seat was again free, so at least a bit of breathing room.

the whole point of this trip was of course angkor wat. But the Banyon was what got me. and I didnt expect phnom penh to be so lively. expected laos to be more breaktaking and although I've enjoyed luang prabang, the rest I found boring and not amazing. Thailand, well, not really on the list but just because we had to fly in to Bangkok. the mekong was boring, unexciting and most of all, COLD. many unexpectations on this trip.

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