Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

vang vieng

Posted by Hippo Bean at 2:42 PM
Whole day drive to Vang Vieng. The scenary was quite beautiful except I kept falling asleep in the minivan. Lunch was at a small top of the hill restaurant surrounded by great limestone mountains and fresh air. View was spectacular but the food was lousy. pad thai, fried noodles, all were the same except for the type of meat. Tasted horribly.

The Elephant Crossing hotel was right in front of the nam song river. Rooms were tiny, bathroom horrible but balconies faced the river with grand views of the hills. That's exactly the view of the online images I've seen. My room was again at the top floor. The day was hot and hazy which made sitting in the balcony to admire the view somewhat not very pleasing. Nonetheless I've spent hours enjoying the view and bearing the oppressive heat. The town was small, roads broken and lined with shops and littered with back packers. Visited the Tham Jang cave which was nothing interesting. Small cave, only took us 15 minutes to walk it. instead of lunch we had cake at a restaurant. We were all dying for cake. My black forest with oreo cookie wasnt any good. This town was all about physical activities like kayaking, boating, hot air ballooning, swimming and caving, and since I did none of that, I've spent the down time finishing Blue Labyrinth (not as good as the others in the series) to get my Pendergast fix, while the others went swimming and sunbathing at the new resort hotel. Dinner was at the hotel open air restaurant. Food was so so and the mosquitoes were giant and swarming. I've put extra layer of deet and picaridin on me in Laos.

I had great hopes for Vang Vieng. The reason i chose this particular itinerary was because I've wanted to see the landscape of Vang Vieng as opposed to going to phonsavan to see the stone jars. But Vang Vieng left me wanting. Although the view from the hotel was good, I've expected it to be more spectacular. Probably due to the heat, the mountains looked hazy and not sharp and in the mornings, the view was foggy and grey. However, I did get my anticipated down time to wind down, catch up with my book and simply do nothing. So for that I have to say I did enjoy my time in Vang Vieng.

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