Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

last offsite

Posted by Hippo Bean at 8:09 PM
So the much anticipated week came and went. Months of anticipation, dreading the week, anxious. All the scenarios played in my head and I thought I've covered them all. But with my track record, what transpired was something I could not have fathomed. Although this was the most fun offsite (the cardboard boat launchings were most hilarious and our boat immediately sank, the bike ride along the shoreline liberating and moffett field nostalgic, oh the wind tunnel), the ache, the empty feeling hovered. The disappointment was so great and instantaneous that was like Bucharest all over again. I remember the torment oh so well. kitty fane in the painted veil. So, farewell offsites. My one chance and it's been destroyed. Just cruel.

Que sua ausência faz a noite se alongar
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