Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 just zoomed by ...

Posted by Hippobean at 12:59 PM
Been rather depressed lately. It usually goes with the end of a year, the holiday season I've always been looking forward to but could never quite appreciate once it's here. When people celebrate with friends and family, I get just get depressed.

Greg's class ended rather eh, suddenly, it seemed. No word or feedback from him at all about my project, which, being the wimpy me, I've decided I couldnt possibly let the class view. It was a piece close to my heart and so I've asked him not to post it. "It's nice when people share". Was his only comment. And so suddenly it was all over. It's been the funnest part of the year and I gained some skills which would entertain myself for years to come. But gosh, how I miss it! Another example in my life where good things turned bad at the end.

So I've decided to tag along and go to Luzi's. If nothing else, just for a change of environment and I've always loved road trips. But before I realize it, the 4 days were quickly over and then the new year.

Yes, the year just zoomed by. 2005 full of expectations, multimedia madness, crushing disappointments, hopeless adoring passion, a new friendship, a new skill, Japan, family reunion in Sorrento, and will go down in the Hippo history book as one of the most memorable year.

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