Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012


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my eyelids shut again when the clock ticked 5AM. Still the 2 champions battled. I was so sleepy at this point i no longer cared who won as long as they ended the match SOON! They both looked as exhausted as I was and still they battled. And my heart went out completely for Rafa while Novak ripped his shirt open and simply roared.

The night before I saw Sharapova lose badly to Vicka, and for the first time in all my years of following the grand slams, I too felt sorry for the loser.

watching how relentless they played, it made me wonder why we liked to compete so much. Is that the only way to push ourselves for the better? Is there no other way other than beating down our opponent?

What is it about humans that exult so greatly when beating someone else? why human has to compete? what is it about us that we constantly need to be better than or superior to the next person?

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