Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

cow tipping, BBQ cake, Beetle trouble

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and she forgot to bring out the cheese ...

the Hippo phone rang and she knew it as if she's been expecting it. The bathday honoree couldnt make it. Thus began the high drama day. Picked up the loaves from the Cheesecake Factory and raced home to start the pasta and lay the food out on the counter. Barely making the lemonade when the everyone arrived. didnt even have time to open the bottle of Chianti. Completely forgot the cheese that she so carefully selected for this particular day. D and I had planned to put 100 candles on the Chocolate cake. D brought candles that wont go out, so M blew and blew and kept on blowing until the smoke engulfed the dinning room, and the candles simply reduced to tiny stubs, still burning, and barbequed the cake. So far all has been a disaster so maybe Picitonary would fare better. but first they couldnt understand what's on the cards because of Hippo's misspellings and grammatical errors. sigh. But the map of Iceland was really Maui; a tree with a round arrow pointing down meant 'sound'; and 'bring something to the table' was another word for 'place things on the table'. Oh, and 26 was a give away for Marathon. But best of all, was the cow tumbing downhill. M learn cow tipping today. and of course Darth Vadar's first name sorta starts with an 'A' but not with a 'V'; and Sherlock Holmes was much easier to guess than Donatello the Teenage Ninja Turtle, but D was acquainted with Donny anyway. And of course that was a tube of toothpaste instead of the a box of bandages! Then we went to see the Hobbit, and afterwards wandered around aimlessly at the mall and the Beetle died of a slow death with the oil light on and loud knocking. Ended up going to Mineta airport for a rental. Sure beats Hippo's normal usual dull days!

Happy Bathdays M and T !!!

Images of the high drama day

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