Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

bali and beach

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An early morning rise again. Still raining but I felt a bit reluctant to leave since I've enjoyed the setting of this plantation hotel and the rain (even though it completely ruined our volcano hike). We caught the 11AM ferry to Gilimanuk in Bali. Due to the sea currents, instead of cruising in a straight line to Gilimanuk harbour, the boat had to first go north, then turned to head back south again, thus the crossing took almost 45 mins. I've enjoyed this ferry crossing very much. As we sat on the top open deck, we got to view the Ketapang harbour on the java side, with many boats docking and leaving, the indian ocean on the 1 side and the bali sea on the other, the bali island with its many volcanoes, and the bali harbour. Snowie also enjoyed the boat ride. he's a most lucky stuffie as he's experienced flying business class, nice garden hotels with evening teas on the porches, smoking volcano craters, a train ride and now a boat ride. He's got much to tell when he returns home.

The Pulaki hindu temple in pemuteran on the north bali coast, was infested by monkeys. a small lovely temple with a nice drum tower, the bale kukul, a stone candi bentar, the slip portal, and over decorated paduraksa gate. Our beach front hotel resort was just 5 mins away. The beach was black volcanic sand, not to my liking. nevertheless i've spent the afternoon lounging in front of the sea, feeling the cool breeze, reading Gideon Crew, the Pharaoh Key (not as great as the other preston and child's books). The hotel resort was very lovely, 2 pools, beach front open air restaurant, a small shop and spa, with individual 2 room buildings scattered in the compound, in front of the beach. The bathrooms were all open air, with sinks inside the room, full complement of toiletries and towels. The bed had mosquito net. but no TV. giant padlocks in front of the doors, with a bar on the inside. Again hard to lock and unlock. Again the doors left a crack in the middle, allowing mozzies to come in. Front porch with chairs and a table of course. Very lovely rooms. We dined at the beach front restaurant and had a free show of bali dancers and a band who played very old easy rock. We all had the local fish entree with morning greens and jasmine rice. The pineapple coconut drink was excellent. With not much else to do, I put on my headlamp and lied in bed to read my book. Such a nice hotel, wish I could stay another night.

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