Friday, July 09, 2021

Friday, July 09, 2021

CA rugged coast - Mendo

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The drive up north was hot. On impulse a stop at Sazon in Sebastopol for a Peruvian tapas lunch: tequenos and empanadas. Amazing delicious! Once on 120, the fog engulfed us and the world morphed into a refreshing cool. The surf and sand lodge was right on the beach and the view of the CA rocky rugged coast was spectacular. Hippo's king room had a jacuzzi tub, fireplace and a balcony with unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. A late afternoon walk along the MacKerricher beach crossing the Trestle bridge was relaxing and therapeutic after a year and half of hard lockdowns. Nights on the balcony were pitch black and quietly mesmerizing, with a few souls wandering on the beach and scaling the rocks, braving the dark and the cold. The mornings were misty, foggy cold and hauntingly romantic.

Hippo's highlight was the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse but to her unexpected delight, we've included a visit to Point Arena for its Light Tower and the gorgeous unique labyrinth. It was a day of foggy cold easy hikes, striking coastline and some CA history. The Point Cabrillo Lighthouse grounds offered an amazingly inviting and tranquil ambience, and we wanted to rent the homey Lighthouse Keeper's house for another Fort Bragg trip. We picnic'd at the Point Arena Station with the Light Tower towering above us. 2 lighthouses in 1 day, not bad at all.

The following day, a morning hike on the northern trail in the Russian Gulch state park. The hike ended at the waterfall, no longer a roaring torrent but still a refreshing site to enjoy at the end of the trail. Next, collecting glasses at the Glass beach and admiring the glass and pottery shards that were washed up on the beach now displaying in the very small and poor Glass museum. The day culminated at an outdoor drinks and dinner at the Silver at the Wharf at the Noyo river harbor. Prosecco, Pacific beer, vodka martini, fried calamary and crab cakes, clams linguini and grilled halibut, accompanied by a glorious sunset.

The last morning was greeted by a clear sunrise and the Hippo went out on the beach to commune with the ocean breeze and the crisp morning air. Hi 1 to Mendocino for a substantial breakfast and the rest was a gorgeous drive along the coast all the way home.

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