Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday, June 27, 2020

First outing

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Monday, June 01, 2020

Monday, June 01, 2020


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Thursday, May 07, 2020

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Hippo's top twenty books

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In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro
-Thomas a Kempis

f = fiction nf = non-fiction

1. Wuthering Heights (f)- Emily Brontë
"He took a seat opposite Catherine, who kept her gaze fixed on him as if she feared he would vanish were she to remove it. He did not raise his to her often: a quick glance now and then sufficed; but it flashed back, each time more confidently, the undisguised delight he drank from hers."

2. Rebecca (f) - Daphne Du Maurier
"Will you look into my eyes and tell me that you love me now?"

3. The Binding (f) - Bridget Collins
"'Lucian. Lucian.' It wasnt him."

4. Marina (f) - Pietro Coldesina

5. The Romance of a Poor Young Man (f) - Octave Feuillet
"At midnight, when everything was silent, I said farewell, to the old tower where I had suffered - and loved - so much. I slipped into the chateau by a secret door of which I had the key. Furtively, like a criminal, I passed along the empty and resounding galleries, guiding myself as I best could in the dark. At last I reached the salon where I had first seen her. She and her mother had not long left it, and their recent presence was revealed by a sweet and pleasant perfume which transported me. I searched, and I touched the basket where a few moment before she had replaced her embroidery. Alas, my poor heart! I fell on my knees before the seat she generally occupies, my forehead against the marble. I wept. I sobbed like a child."

6. Possession (f) - A S Byatt

7. A Canticle for Lebowitz (f) - Walter M. Miller Jr.

8. The English Patient (f) - Michael Ondaatje
"When we meet those we fall in love with, there is an aspect of our spirit that is historian, a bit of a pedant, who imagines or remembers a meeting when the other had passed by innocently, just as Clifton might have opened a car door for you a year earlier and ignored the fate of his life."
"We die containing a richness of lovers and tribes, tastes we have swallowed, bodies we have plunged into and swum up as if rivers of wisdom, characters we have climbed into as if trees, fears we have hidden as if caves. I wish for all this to be marked on my body when I am dead."

9. Seymour an Introduction (f) - J. D. Salinger
" ..artists and poets who as well as having a reputation for producing great or fine art have something garishly Wrong with them as persons; a spectacular flaw in character or citizenship, a construably romantic affliction or addiction - extreme self-centeredness, marital infidelity, stone-deafness, stone-blindness, a terrible thirst, a mortally bad cough, a partiality for grand-scale adultery, a certified or uncertified weakness for opium, and so on, God have mercy on the lonely bastards. If suicide isnt at the top of the list..."

10. The Agony and the Ecstasy (f) - Irving Stone
"I honestly dont know the answer, Your Grace. For Raphael, the creating of a work of art is a bright spring day in the Campagna; for me, it is a transmontana howling down the valley from the mountaintops. I work from early morning to dark, then by candlelight or oil lamp. Art for me is a torment, griveous when it goes bad, ecstatic when it goes well; but always it possesses me. When I have finished with a day of work I am a husk. Everything that was inside of me is now inside the marble or the fresco. That is why I have nothing to give elsewhere."

11. Balkan Ghosts (nf) - Robert D. Kaplan
"These lands require a love for the obscure. If the intruder from the West is not willing to feel with his whole being, he cannot hope to understand."
"Travelling in Romania was often like inhabiting the pages of a Dostoevsky novel. After a few weeks in Romania, a perverse side of your nature allowed you to fall in love with the country and people. You even thought that, perhaps, the Romanians possessed a peculiar wisdom about life and survival that the rest of the world lacked. And thus you would begin to undertand..."

12. The Monstrumologist (f) - Rick Yancey

13. The Winter of Our Discontent (f) - John Steinbeck

14. Lireal (Old Kingdom book 2) (f) - Garth Nix

15. The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania (nf) -
Hannah Pakula
"Captured a whole squadron of impassioned admirers, most of them...officers, brilliant, dashing, sentimental, daring, full of Russian ardour mixed with that almost intolerable melancholy so characteristic of the Slav, a melancholy which tore at your heartstrings and disturbed your peace..."

16. The Glass of Time/The Meaning of Night: A Confession (f) - Michael Cox

17. The Rule of Four - Ian Caldwell (f)/ The Real Rule of Four (nf) -
Joscelyn Godwin

18. The Book of the Dead (Pendergast Series 7) (f) -
Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

19. The Cloisters Walk (nf) - Kathleen Norris

20. The Odyssey (f?nf?)- Homer
ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, πολύτροπον, ὃς μάλα πολλὰ
πλάγχθη, ἐπεὶ Τροίης ἱερὸν πτολίεθρον ἔπερσεν

Exquisite figure, as of heaven's shaping, waited beside a pillar as he passed... "Fare well, stranger; in your land remember me who met and saved you. It is worth your thought". - Translated by Robert Fitzgerald

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Favorites Stats

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Country Stats:

Italia - 18 points, Top 4 Countries No 5
Azure Trail Corneglia to Vernazza, Cinque TerreFavorite Walks and HikesNo 6
To San GimignanoFavorite Walks and HikesNo 7
Pienza to MontepulcianoFavorite Walks and HikesNo 8
Osteria Antica Guetta, BonassolaFavorite MealsNo 4
Pasta Alfredo across from the Pantheon, Roma Favorite MealsNo 7
Cavour 21, GenoaFavorite MealsNo 9
Pappardelle with Wild Boar sauce - Osteria Il Re Gallo, Castellina In ChiantiFavorite MealsRU 2
Grilled sardines at EriceFavorite MealsRU 3
San Gimignano, ToscanaFavorite cities and townsNo 2
Duomo di San Gimignano, ToscanaFavorite Cathedrals, Churches
and Monasteries
No 2
San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Palermo, SiciliaFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 5
Duomo di Siena, SienaFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 6
Mediterranean cruise marco poloFavorite boat rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 9
Gondola ride, veniziaFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesRU 5
Naples to Palermo Overnight FerryFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesBonus
Santa Maria della ScalaExtra SpecialNo 6
Archaeology at Col du Grand St BernardExtra Special Bonus
Morocco - 10 points, Top 5 Countries No 4
Camel Ride in the Sahara, Merzouga DesertFavorite Walks and HikesBonus
Riad Meknes Hotel restaurant, MeknesFavorite MealsNo 8
Bedouin TaginesFavorite MealsBonus
Riad Imlil, ImlilFavorite HotelsNo 4
Riad Mimouna, EssaouiraFavorite HotelsNo 5
Bahia Palace, Marrakesh Favorite Palaces and CastlesNo 8
EssaouiraFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 5
Kasbah Ikelane, TinghirFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsRU
Berber Night Camp in SaharaExtra SpecialNo 5
Indonesia - 7 points
Summit Mtn Ijen,JavaFavorite Walks and HikesRU
Addi Assri Resort, Pemuteran, BaliFavorite HotelsNo 8
Margo Otomo Hotel, Kalibaru, JavaFavorite HotelsNo 9
Kampung Lumbung, Batu, JavaFavorite HotelsNo 10
Tirta Empul, BaliFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 6
Mtn Bromo, JavaFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 4
Java-Bali FerryFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesRU 2
Israel - 7 points, Top 5 Countries Bonus
Renaissance Hotel Tel Aviv Favorite HotelsNo 2
Jerusalem Old TownFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsBonus
Road TripFavorite Drives and Train RidesBonus
Qumran/Solomon's PillarsExtra SpecialNo 2
The Dead SeaExtra SpecialNo 17
The Temple MountExtra SpecialNo 12
New Zealand - 7 points, Top 5 Countries No 3
Whakatane, North Island Favorite Cities and TownsNo 9
Aoraki/Mtn Cook, South IslandFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 3
Doubful Sound, South IslandFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 1
Catamaran Sailing on Tasman Bay, South IslandFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 5
Inter Island FerryFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 10
South Island West CoastFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 1
Jordan - 6 points
Walks in Petra Favorite Walks and HikesNo 3
JerashFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 2
PetraFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 4
The King's HighwayFavorite Drive and Train RidesNo 3
The Dead SeaExtra SpecialNo 17
Mount NeboExtra SpecialNo 13

---------------------------------------Tied for 5 Points:-------------------------------------

Argentina - 5 points
Upper Circuit, Iguazu Falls Favorite Walks and HikesNo 5
Iguazu FallsFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 2
Perito Moreno GlacierFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 5
Pan American HighwayFavorite Drive and Train RidesNo 7
Fitzroy MassifFavorite Walks and HikesNo 9
Norway - 5 points, Top 5 Countries No 2
Golden Route, GeirangerFavorite Drive and Train RidesNo 2
Sognefjord CruiseFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 3
HurtigrutenFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 8
Midnight Sun, TromsoExtra Special No 18
Portugal - 5 points, Top 5 Countries No 1
LisboaFavorite Cities and TownsNo 1
Mosteiros dos Jeronimos, Lisboa Favorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 2
Se Catedral, EvoraFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 8
Road TripFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 9
Russia - 5 points
Ресторан Villa Aston, St PetersburgFavorite MealsNo 6
Pavlovsk Palace, Pushkinsky District, St PetersburgFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 3
Winter Palace, St PetersburgFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 6
Mikhailovsky Palace, The Russian Museum, St PetersburgFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 7
St Isaac's Cathedral, St PetersburgFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 1
Switzerland - 5 points
Eiger Trail, Bernese OberlandFavorite Walks and HikesNo 2
Bernese AlpsFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 7
Trümmelbach Falls, LauterbrunnenFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsRU
Glacier Express, Zermat to St MoritzFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 4
Archaeology at Col du Grand St BernardExtra SpecialBonus
Uzbekistan - 5 points
Tashauli Palace, KhivaFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 4
Adbulaziz Khan Madrassa, BukharaFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 2
Gur Emir Mausoleum, SamarkandFavorite Mountains Temples and MosquesNo 3
Kok Gumbaz Mosque, ShakhrisabzFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 8
KhivaFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 9

-------------------------------------------- 4 Points:----------------------------------------

Cambodia - 4 points
Touk, pnong penhFavorite MeaksNo 5
Pre Rup, Siem ReapFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 1
Angkor Wat, Siem ReapFavorite Mountains Temples and MosquesNo 5
Banyon, Siem ReapFavorite Temples and MosquesBonus
Chile - 4 points
Torres del PaineFavorite Walks and HikesNo 4
Torres del PaineFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 6
Amalia Glacier, Beagle ChannelFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 9
Mois, Easter IslandExtra SpecialNo 3
Ethiopia - 4 points
Simien LodgeFavorite HotelsNo 1
Gheralta Lodge, Tigray Favorite HotelsNo 8
Rock Cut Churches, Lalibela/TigrayFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesBonus
Blue Nile/Lake TanaExtra SpecialNo 15
Turkey - 4 points
PergamonFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 1
Mediterranean Cruise on the Marco Polo Favorite Boat and Train RidesNo 9
TroyExtra SpecialNo 14
Cruise on the Sea of MarmarExtra SpecialNo 16
UK - 4 points
TintagelFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 1
Truro CathedralFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 4
Lamassu (British Museum)Extra SpecialNo 1
King Penguins, Faulkland IslandsExtra SpecialNo 4

-------------------------------------------- 3 Points:----------------------------------------

Bosnia and Herzogovina - 3 points
Nanima kuhinja, SarajevoFavorite MeaksNo 1
TirmaIrma, MostarFavorite Temples and MosquesRU
Stari Most, MostarExtra Special No 7
Egypt - 3 points
Philae Temple, AswanFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 7
Cruising the NileFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesRU 1
Pyramids at Giza/Valley of the KingsExtra Special No 11
Ethiopia - 3 points
Simien LodgeFavorite HotelsNo 1
Gheralta Lodge, TigrayFavorite HotelsNo 8
Rock Cut Churches, Lalibela/TigrayFavorite HotelsBonus
Greece - 3 points
SantoriniFavorite Cities and TownsNo 4
Corinth CanalExtra SpecialNo 19
Mediterranean Cruise on the Marco PoloFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 9
Mexico - 3 points
Blue Sky TulumFavorite HotelsNo 3
Chan Khan ResortFavorite HotelsNo 6
PalenqueFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 8
Poland - 3 points
Marlbork CastleFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 9
ToruńFavorite Cities and TownsNo 5
WrocławFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 3
Romania - 3 points
Peleș and Pelișore Castles, SinaiaFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 2
BrașovFavorite Cities and TownsBonus
The Carpathians, TransylvaniaFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 8

------------------------------------- with 2 Points:----------------------------------------

Armenia - 2 points
Noravank MonasteryFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 10
Manuscript Museum, YeravanExtra SpecialNo 10
Belarus - 2 points
Nezvizh Palace HotelFavorite HotelsNo 7
Nezvizh PalaceFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 5
Bhutan - 2 points
Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) HikeFavorite Walks and HikesNo 1
Punaka DzongFavorite Palaces and CastlesNo 1
Croatia - 2 points
Dubrovnik City Wall WalkFavorite Walks and HikesNo 10
Dubrovnik Old TownFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 6
Guatemala - 2 points
Hotel Catamaran, Rio DulceFavorite HotelsBonus
AntiguaFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 7
Hong Kong - 2 points
Tram rideFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 5
Star FerryFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 2
Hungary - 2 points
Matthias Church, BudapestFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 7
Dohany Street SynagogueFavorite Cathedrals, Churches and MonasteriesNo 9
Iceland - 2 points
GullfossFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/Waterfalls No 10
Fromj Rykjavik to VikFavorite Drives and Train RidesNo 10
LAOS - 2 points
TamrindFavorite Meals No 2
Luang PrabangFavorite Cities and TownsNo 7
Malta - 2 points
VallettaFavorite Cities and TownsNo 3
Mediterranean Cruise on the Marco PoloFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 9
Montenegro - 2 points
From Zabljak through DurmitorFavorite Drives and Train RidesRU 1
Ferry from Perast to Kotor, Bay of KotorFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 6
Myanmar - 2 points
Manu Ok Kaung Monastery, Inwa Favorite Temples and MosquesNo 9
Shwe Indein Pagoda, IndeinFavorite Temples and MosquesNo 10
Oman - 2 points
Wahiba SandsFavorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/WaterfallsNo 1
Cruise the Gulf of OmanFavorite Boat Rides, Cruises and FerriesNo 7
Peru - 2 points
Machu PicchuFavorite Ancient Cities and Old TownsNo 10
Train to Machu PicchuFavorite Drives and Train RidesRU 2
USA - 2 points
PhiladelphiaFavorite Cities and TownsNo 6
Lamassu (NY Metropolitan and U of Chicago Oriental InstituteExtra SpecialNo 1
Vietnam - 2 points
Coconut salad with prawns and duck confit on egg noodles Favorite MealsNo 3
ha Long Bay overnight cruiseFavorite Boat rides, Cruises and Ferriesno 4

-------------------------- And now countries with only 1 point: --------------------------

Austria Wolfie's Concert Extra Special No 8
Brazil Boat to Salto tress Mosqueteros Favorite Boat Rides, Cruises and Ferries RU 3
Bulgaria Koprivshtitsa Favorite Cities and Towns No 10
Canada Columbia Icefield Parkway, Alberta Favorite Drives and Train Rides No 6
Czech Republic Praha Favorite cities and Towns No 8
Estonia Restoran Peppersack, Tallinn Favorite Meals No 10
Georgia Gergeti Trinity Church Favorite Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries RU
Kazakhstan Bactrian Camels Extra Special No 20
Lithuania Trakai Castle Favorite Palaces and Castles No 10
Nepal KTM to Mtn Flight Favorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/Waterfalls Bonus
UAE Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi Favorite Temples and Mosques No 4
Vatican St Peter's Cupola and Scavi Extra Special No 9

-------------------------- Countries with No 1 in each Category --------------------------

Portugal Top 5 Countries No 1
UK/US Lamassu (British Museum/NY Metropolitan/ Oriental Institute Chicago) Extra Special
Bhutan Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) Favorite Walks and Hikes
New Zealand Doubtful Sound, South Island Favoirte Boat Rides, Cruises and Ferries
New Zealand South Island Favorite Drives and Train Rides
Russia St Isaac's Cathedral, St Petersburg Favorite Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries
Oman Wahiba Sands Favorite Mountains/Deserts/Glaciers/Waterfalls
Turkey Pergamon Favorite Ancient Cities and Old Towns
Portugal Lisboa Favorite Cities and Towns
Cambodia Pre Rup, Siem Reap Favorite Temples and Mosques
Bhutan Punaka Dzong Favorite Palaces and Castles
Ethiopia Simien Lodge Favorite Hotels
Bosnia and Herzogovina Nanina Kuhija Favorite Meals

And 3 countries had No 1:

Portugal Top 5 Countries No 1
Favorite Cities and Towns
Bhutan Favorite Boat Rides, Cruises and Ferries
Favorite Drives and Train Rides
New Zealand Favorite Walks and Hikes
Favorite Temples and Mosques

favorite lists

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In Hippo's travels ...

First thing first, Hippo's favorite Meals:

Now the rest:

And finally ...

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Why the Hippo loves to travel?

T calls her Hippo the Navigator. Perhaps I'm just a hopeless romantic and an incorrigible dreamer. I am like Prince Henry, the Navigator, whose statue by the shores of the Tejo river, stares attentively and intensely into the raging waters of the Atlantic. You see, he doesn't just gaze upon the ocean. His penetrating glance sees beyond the strait of Gibraltar, beyond Africa, and beyond the promontory of New Hope, all the way into the Orient. And perhaps this is the Hippo, contemplating the Descobrimentos ...


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