Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Casino day

Posted by Hippo Bean at 8:41 PM
Today is AD's 6th anniversary. We had a casino afternoon. The Hippo learned to play craps and texas hold'em poker. Didnt do too well at Craps but it was really a fun game. Now I know why the craps table is always the loudest. I was on a roll and many won. Then 7 came and I had to leave. Next I ventured for some roulette, did my usual trick (bunch of chips on number 19 and chips all around the number), and I won! Then tried a couple of hands at the black jack table and won twice. The last table in the conference room was poker. Never dared play poker before (except video poker) but kinda like the idea that there are chairs around the poker table. The atmosphere was very intimidating and I didnt know what to do in the beginning. 2 cards face down and the dealer first put 3 cards on the table. Then it's a battle of wits and deceit. Zolina helped me and somehow magically with her coaching I stayed in all the way and wiped out John and Sol. I ended up with 2 pairs that I didnt know I had!. Next hand, once again with Zolina's coaching, I went all out. I only got a King and an Ace. There was an Ace on the table. John got a pair of 7. I wiped him out. I doubled my chips. Felt really good because I never dared that much in Vegas or Reno. With my winnings and John 10,000 chips, our team won the team award and John got the individual winner and got a iPod Shuffle. It was a fun day! I shall remember AD for years to come. At times this place is horrible but with the food, the funny people and daily dose of Flash, I'm quite content. I just wonder how long it would last, and if this career suicide would have repercussions later, and I wont come to regret this move.

hippo playing craps
 Hippo playing craps

hippo paying roulette
 Hippo at the roulette table

hippo winning
 Hippo winning big at roulette



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