Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

new airport first time

Posted by Hippo Bean at 7:05 AM
I was the only one who hasnt been to the new airport yet. In 39 years I've only been back once. Emotion explosion. Arrived in the morning so a bit dark still. But the new airport didnt impressed me as much as Changi. Cant remember how the old one looked like except it was called kai Tak. Cantonese everywhere. so close to home and yet not there. not even a desire to go. this emotion only I could understand. the plane to HK wasnt full at all. middle seat empty again. just like flying to seoul, empty. the 14.5 hrs went quickly and quite pleasantly. didnt really see any movies. tried to watch Girl on the Train but got bored out of my skull. then tried Inferno and equally boring, fell asleep. food kept coming. even had dim sum for breakfast. turnip cake and siu mai. asked for tea and got a cup of jasmine. quite enjoyed this flight. sq001. flight from HK was packed as expected but not unpleasant.

changi during the day for the first time. found sunflower garden on T2. hot and muggy and overcast. transit hotel. tons of shops and restaurants. remembered the evenings spent here, my most favorite airport. so many good memories. everytime a thought from home surfaced, I've blocked it out. not allowing myself to think of my colossal mistake at home. I'm on vacation and I will enjoy it and wont have any thought about home. I'm determined to relax, take a lot of pictures, eat a lot of noodles and enjoy my time away from colossal mistake as if it never happened. When I awake, the fantasy would be to be back at door knob's and dating tmas.

While waiting for my driver to pickup the car at the yangon airport arrivals, i heard a gun shot. The prominent muslin lawyer who was on the same silk air flight as mine from singapore, was shot to death about 50 meters from where I was standing. People rushed to him while some ran in the opposite direction. I was rooted on the spot. didnt know at first what happened or who got shot. They apprehended the gunman. Later walking by the scene, I saw a man lying on the ground while someone was performing CPR on him. later that night I saw the announcement on TV at the hotel. So Mingalaba!



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