Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yerevan energetic and vibrant

Posted by Hippobean at 10:00 PM
There was no old city. Strange for a city that was one of the oldest inhabited cities and the first to adopt Christianity. But the city was quite pretty especially the Republic Square. The buildings with the Armenian Tufa stones were gorgeous! And the water and light show every night in front of the National History Museum was quite attractive, a miniature of the fountain Bellagio at Vegas. And every night, different music, a different singer. The crowd gathered there each evening, old and young, in groups, in pairs and singles. Our hotel was a mere stone throw away and one could hear the fountain music at night. Very soothing! Loved that place!

First stop was the Haghtanak park on top of the hill for great views of the city. The statue of Mother Armenia with a sword, much like the one in Tbilisi, except this one is all black, stood on top of the Military Museum and guarded the city, facing the straight Mashtots Ave with the Opera House on its left. Spectacular sight! Biblical Mtn Ararat loomed in front but veiled in clouds. We hoped to see it tomorrow clear and imposing.

Next we explored the Mashtots Ancient Manuscript Museum and oh, so many illuminated manuscripts! Hippo's heaven! How she loved them!

We had brandy (Armenian cognac) tasting at the Ararat Brandy factory. Three kinds and enough to get the Hip tipsy. The weather was very hot and it thundered and then rained pretty hard on us. But I loved it as it was refreshing. And I even remembered to bring the egg yoke colored umbrella that we bought in Vienna.

During lunch break, Jonathan, Greg and the Hip went to smoke a bit of Shisha with mint and grape flavors, and snacked on olives, hummus, flat bread, and mushrooms. The French Fries never came! She got a bit stoned!

In the afternoon we visited the Armenian Orthodox Holy See at Echmiadzin and what did we know, the Patriarch was at the souvenier shop!

In the evening we dined close to the Republic Square (Hip had grilled rabbit) and on our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the square for the fountain show and mingled with locals. All the surrounding buildings were lite up. Close to the fountain, it was refreshing and Charles Aznavour was singing through the enormous loudspeakers. Great ambiance and lovely early summer eve.



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