Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

a park, not impressed

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:59 PM
This park was not like any I've been to. Barren, dirt roads, no signs nor ranger buildings anywhere. total wilderness. We've stopped to observe some gelada baboons doing their baboon things in their baboons way. they sported a bright red spot on their chests, chasing each other like, well, crazy baboons, or otherwise, just picked on the grass and eat and screw. Then came the walias, the ethiopian ibex which proved much more interesting. The bulls had thick curvy horns and were gorgeous. An ibex mom and her little buck lied down next to a tree and looked at me straight in the eye. i wondered what she was thinking looking at me, that crazy human looking at her, mesmerized. We locked gaze for a while before she turned to look at a young male ibex approaching. an older ibex tried to coerce her but she wouldnt have any of it. sorry old goat, no sex with me today! We also saw some Simien wolfs running on the road. And giant Lobelias with huge green and pink leaves. Most beautiful. While having lunch with the gorgeous view of the Adwa mountains, 2 bald ravens descended on the rocks for us to admire.

I didnt like this park much. we've picked up our local guide in the morning, and we were now 8 people in the vehicle. every time the scout entered the vehicle and climbed to the back seat, his riffle was pointed casually at me who was sitting in the middle seat. I was sure the safety was on, but it just seemed a bit careless to handle a loaded weapon this way.

we were given a lousy picnic lunch, that consisted of a lousy sandwich with 2 pieces of bread and a piece of hard cheese or meat, 1 banana and 1 apple. our guide shared his roasted peanuts and barley (really loved these), boiled potatoes and boiled eggs with us. so dinner was on us that evening and the price was high and the buffet lousy. but there's nowhere else to eat. so much for the simiens park.

tonight I've started the Malarone regimen, anticipating side effects and malaria infested lower altitude bahir dar.

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