Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

dirt roads, poverty, cows, sheep, camels and great mountains

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:59 PM
today a long drive to Mekele. intermittent paved roads but mostly dirt. We passed by many Amhara villages along the way (so many villages in ethiopia!), crowded with people, with round huts and thatch roofs, or rectangular stone houses. dusty roads. shepherds with cows and sheep and even camels on the road. We were told there was a salt mine nearby and the camels were there to transport the salt. Mountains were always present. We're beginning to see the Adwa mountains. jagged. pointed, round and rectangular peeks.

Mekele was quite a big sprawling city with paved roads (really the first one we've seen since Addis), not very pretty, and nothing worth visiting. Just an overnight stop.

We reached the Aksum hotel in Mekele and we're put in the new wing. Lobby was shabby and bare, but the rooms were modern and with balconies. however, constructions and scaffolding were all around and the noise was constant. But it was nice to have a good hot shower. i immediately took one and washed my hair, fearing the hot water might be turned off later. We dined in the old wing which was actually quite ornate. But the food was terrible and my mixed meat was once again covered in thick gravy. I couldnt swallow any and couldnt even finish the fruit salad. There was cream caramel on the menu but as predicted, they didnt have any. since I didnt finish my food, the restaurant staff wasnt too happy. ethiopian didnt waste anything, but what can I do. I just couldnt eat that evening. The streets were dark after sunset so we couldnt go for a walk after dinner. with nothing else to do, we retired early.

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