Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Monster Afternoon Tea

Posted by Hippobean at 6:01 PM
A Stevism, A KeyAnt, A PeaceGirl, a Jurrasic Park Attendant, a samurai and the Hulk constituted Hippo's Monster Afternoon Tea party. The Samurai with his authentic Katana won the contest. The monsters consumed all the tea cakes, half a pumpkin pie, curry chicken and minced beef pies, ginger sugar cookies, Portuguese egg custards, halloween cupcakes, and red velvet sponge cakes, and downed great quantities of coffee and tea. Oh, we opened a bottle of Merlot and Brut as well. What was lacking was cucumber sandwiches and scones (cream tea perhaps?). To celebrate D's belated bathday, he received a TowMater toy model and "Four", a Divergent book. All the monster guests got a small pumpkin or gourd. After the tea, the monsters were hungry for proteins. Next time, we must have more meat!

The Monsters at the Monster Afternoon Tea Party:



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