Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

reminiscing ...

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:59 PM
Today I realized what I left behind for good was really something still close to my heart.
This afternoon Keith gave us the database schema walkthru. Thru his well articulated and logical presentation, I've heard familiar terms that long ago used to excite me, design principles and data normalization that I used to pronounce daily. Gosh, I miss that stuff! I looked around the room and I doubted if half the people there knew what a view or a foreign key was. In a dream like state, I saw myself discussing stored procedures, triggers and load balancing. Reminiscing ... in another life, another time, another place ...

Later in the afternoon Erik, Mike and I walked to Target in search of snacks. On our way, we made fun of Erik's 'hollish' background and Mike said he wanted to go to Scandinavia. I told them how I've wanted to go to Lebanon for chic Beirut for a long time, but could find no one who dared go with me. Inside Target, we each found what our hearts desired and Mike got his Starbucks lowfat full vanilla coffee. On our way back, we dug in our purchases and started munching, each with his/her own cookie. The day was warm and the sun simply brilliant. It reminded me of the High School days when we used to get our cheap cookies and hang out on Mission St after school. I mentioned as much and they both smiled, each with his own reminiscence. Strange how life sometimes offers you a bit of tranquility and enjoyment amidst all the high power confusion and decision making. I havent been feeling well, plus all the stress of finding a bed, moving house, lab tests, getting tires for the Rodeo and registering for graduate school, I was pretty much a mess lately. Then suddenly, a few minutes to enjoy the sun and the warm day with 2 good looking and fun guys, sharing chitchat and simple cookies, was more than a gift from heaven.

Friday night, it was late
I was walking you home
We got down to the gate
And I was dreaming of the night
Would it turn out right
How to tell you girl
I wanna build my world around you
Tell you that it's true
I wanna make you understand
I'm talkin' about a lifetime plan

That's the way it began, we were hand in hand
Glenn Miller's Band was better than before
We yelled and screamed for more
And the Porter tunes "Night and Day"
Made us dance across the room
It ended all too soon
And on the way back home
I promised you'd never be alone

Hurry, don't be late
I can hardly wait
I said to myself when we're old
We'll go dancing in the dark
Walking through the park and reminiscing (Graham Goble)


Jill on 8/25/2006 10:19 AM said...

I didn't know you were such a good writer. Thanks, you're making me remember my own walks with friends down to Payless for jelly donuts and slices of pizza!


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