Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Posted by Hippo Bean at 7:19 PM
After reading John Spencer's blog on the Planetary Society, the Hippo was almost convinced of Pluto's miniature status. Especially when he mentioned Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, yes, 'furniture of the mind'. It gets me every time. But I'm sticking with my view of Pluto if nothing for pure sentimental values.

We're all moved in! As much as I like our new home, my heart seems to be elsewhere (my heart is always elsewhere!). I dont quite feel right at home yet although the place is comfortable, roomy, with lots of stairs the Hippo can run up and down like a mad kid. The view is gorgeous, and the moon was red last night. But somehow it just aint home. Not quite home. And I simply just dunno why! E from work grew up in San Carlos and told me all about the hiking trails, places to eat, ways to get around in the area, hometown days which last for days and block off downtown streets all the way to Britany. Last night A and I saw the first Star Wars trilogy on tape, made fun of the dialogs and plots and alien languages. Why do we like it so? Soon he'll be gone and the house would be just much quieter. I'll miss him. And J might be moving in next door which was rather strange because we each found the place separately. Is this bad karma? And I've just stumbled on Ondrej's picture on the travel site. Dunno if it was taken before or after I've met him, but he looks a bit older, slimmer and definitely more handsome. I wonder how he's doing and what the heck he is doing right now. I remember the evenings in Romania in his company. School will commence in 2 weeks and end in 7 and I'll be occupied again, this time with lots of writing. I hope I'll enjoy graduate school and not waste my money, time and energy. I really dunno what I'm doing this for. Also 7 weeks countdown to the wedding! I cant wait to be in the warm tropical volcanic island! I will do nothing but sip Fanta and listen to Pilot - Strange Way and Sky High - on my iPod, and reminisce. [She must be getting really old...]



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