Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

a little reluctant farewell to paradise

Posted by Hippo Bean at 11:57 PM
J told me about the secluded and uncrowded sandy beach at the end of highway 50. We drove there this morning and after a half hour on the unpaved, rocky and bumpy road, we arrived at the most gorgeous beach on the garden island. The water was smooth and blue and the sand white as sugar. The view on the road to the beach and on the beach was spectacular. The sun shone brilliantly and forcefully on us so we couldnt stay on the beach for too long. Back in Waimea we had shaved ice at Jo Jo's again. Back at the condo my headache attacked me once more so I just spent the last day relaxing and enjoying the resort.

The drive to the Lihue airport was traffic filled. I like Kauai. Kauai is a beautiful island and the red dirt and sugarcanes reminded me of Maui. But it doesnt tug my heart like the other 2 islands. I guess nothing can surpass the fond memories I had in Maui and in the Big Island. However, on the morning when I left, I did feel a bit reluctant to leave. I took one last look at the ocean, the coconut trees and the distant palis and wondered if and when I would be back. I have no hurry to be back to this island but if I do, I know there are things left undone. I'd like to take the helicopter ride to see the famous cliffs and waterfalls. I'd like to hike the entire 11 miles of Kalalau trail. I like to take more time sitting on the Polihale beach and perhaps dip into that blue and calm water and contemplate the low hills. I like to spend time in the Waimea cottages and have a truly relaxing vacation, instead of the crowdy and kids filled resort at the Kiahuna Plantations. So perhaps I do have a reason to come back.

beach at polihale
 The beach at Polihale State Park



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