Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012


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Fear of the suicide shower came to nothing because in the morning, there was no water in the bathroom. So I resorted to shower next door at E's room.

No need to complain about this as we're leaving anyway. Long drive today to the town of black necked cranes, Phobjika, through high passes. Had tea and biscuits at a teahouse with immense glorious views of the Bhutanese Himalyas. The day was cold but crystal clear blue sky. Really loved that place. The hotel the Dewachen Resort was a gorgeous building, each room had a direct view of the mountains. We were offered lunch which was again the same thing but the green beans were outstandingly done. The rooms had a wood burning stove that needed to be fed every 20 minutes or so. Above it, a hot pot of water was boiling. Wood logs were pilled high just outside the room. The shower had a window with a view. The towels were snow white and fluffy. The sitting area with 2 sofas was comfy. Really enjoyed this room. We spotted a few cranes. They were short little things with red tops and black bills and heads. The Hippo was not much of a bird watching person so I wasnt as thrilled as the rest of the group. The highlight of the area (well, aside from the cranes that is) was the Gangtey Monastery, perched at the end of the small village. There was a festival that evening and they brought in rowdy horses to the monastery which scared half of us to death. Inside, the monks were chanting and playing the trumpets. We hiked back to our resort, a nice easy walk really, through the peaceful valley. We were preparing for the strenuous hike to the Tiger's Nest on the last day of the trip.

The late afternoon sun hit the fields making everything shine in golden colors, even the golden retriever lying on the field. The dinner buffet at this resort was subpar but nonetheless satisfying. Nothing else to do, I retired to my room to continue my reading of the sexy book. when asked what I was reading, V laughed out loud and from then on, they made fun of my reading this book, and said I returned to my room early every evening because of the book. I was quite enjoying the book to be honest. the writing was amateurish and childish but it did have a plot and for light travel reading, it was perfect. It's erotica, so it spiced up my travels. When I opened the bed covers and climbed in, the smell hit me. The bedsheet smelled of slept in. So I put on my jacket and ventured out to ask them to change the sheets. Everything was locked down. No lights in the hallways. No lights in the main building. A big padlock locked the front door. The sheets on the other bed was also smelly. So I had no choice but to sleep in sheets that smelled like armpits. It's really too bad because the room was wonderful and warm with the stove. And the first night with no noise. No dogs. No people talking. Absolute quiet. It could have been heaven if not for the smelly bedsheets. But of course there's no heaven.



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