Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'd show him the world

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In pouring rain we saw the majestic temple at Segesta. Wonderfully intact.

Segesta temple

The trek up to the Greek theater offered fantastic views of the canyons and the temple below. The rain was refreshing and gorgeous. The middle aged couple Ligia and Joe was a sweetness to watch. They held hands all the time and still seemed so much in love. Joe, a Geologist, is such a romantic. Soft spoken, extremely polite, sweet and even good looking for a 50+ yr old. He said he proposed in candlelight during a storm in Florida. And now, how could a woman ever refuse? Once I saw them kissing. Another time I saw Ligia touching Joe's hair and her hand lingered on his face while he kissed it with eyes closed. How can they keep up the romance after 20 yrs of marriage? if there's one thing that makes this life worthwhile living, this is it! How many times have I dreamed about moments like these? And to see it really happening right before my very eyes, warmed my heart totally and convinced me that what I dream about can indeed be reality. While couples divorce after 2-3 years of marriage, we have Ligia and Joe with their love still going strong after 20 years! One need only to look at Joe's adoring eyes at Ligia! I've never been so jealous in my life! Only if I could get just one day with a love like theirs, I'd gladly live all my life in misery!

The weather improved a bit when we reached the mountain top of Erice. Cobblestoned streets, wall around the town, alley ways shooting out all over the place, ancient churches and a castle.


We had pasta con sarde and fish for lunch. Typical Sicilian. The best meal I had so far in Sicily. The town is quaint, lovely and not crowded with tourists. It was cold and breezy but I adored it. On our way back to Palermo, we stopped at Tappito, a tiny town with the bestest huge cannolli, covered with ricota.

bestest hugest cannoli

A lone bird soared in the sky amidst clouds of blue and grey - all alone, surfing its loneliness - just like me. At a small church we ran into a PowerPoint presentation in English, about toxic waste. Also here is the Math and Democracy conference center where Tomo's old boss had once been.

I think about him constantly. All this beauty, I wish I can share it with him. If he would have me, I'd show him the world!

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